Data Protection and Privacy

Using this site is generally possible without personal data. For the use of individual services available on this site, however, it may be necessary to collect personal information about you. Your personal data (such as name, address, phone number, email) is stored and processed according to the General Data Protection Regulation. The following text informs you in detail about how your personal data is collected, stored and used.

Your personal data is only passed on to third parties if this is part of processing your registration or fulfilling a contract, such as passing data on to a bank, payment processor or a logistics/delivery company. There is no further passing on of your data unless you have explicitly consented to this. Your data will never be given to others for advertising purposes.

SSL Encryption

This site uses SSL for better security and to protect your data when you send private comments or requests. You can confirm that SSL encryption is active by checking your browser address bar, which should show a closed lock and read "https://" at the start.

With active SSL, the data that you send cannot be read by third parties. Please note that data transmitted outside an SSL encryption, such as emails, might possibly be insecure, and that it is not possible to protect all data at all times from being accessed by third parties.


This site uses cookies to recognise returning visitors to the pages. Cookies are small textfiles that are saved to your computer. These cookies may pass on information to recognise your return to this site using your IP address. You can block cookies by setting your browser accordingly; in that case it may be possible that not all functions of this site are fully available to you.

Server data

Due to technical reasons, some data sent by your browser is stored in server logfiles:

  • Browser type and Version
  • your operating system
  • the site from which you came if following a link (Referrer URL)
  • the pages you visit
  • date and time of your visit
  • your IP address.

This data is stored separately from any personal data you have transmitted to this site, and thus is not traceable back to you personally. The server data is collected for statistical evaluation about the use of this website.


It is possible to register yourself on this site. During registration, you are asked to provide personal data such as name, company name, address, email address and phone number. These data are used exclusively for the use of services offered through this site. Your IP address is also collected together with date and time of your registration; this is to prevent misuse of your personal data by registering you through a third party without your consent.


You have the possibility to subscribe to a newsletter on these pages. The newsletter will regularly inform you about offers and provide information about the site and the shop. You need a valid email address to subscribe to the newsletter. The address you provide when subscribing is confirmed with a confirmation email. When you register for the newsletter, your IP address as well as time and date of your subscription is also stored. No further data is connected to your email address for the newsletter subscription, and it is only used for this purpose.

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time; details on how to do that can be found in the confirmation email as well as at the bottom of each newsletter.

Contact Form

You can contact us via email or via a contact form. If you do so, any personal data you send is used to process your request and contact you back.

Information/Withdrawal of Consent/Deletion

If you have any questions regarding the collection, use and storage of your personal data or requests to correct, change or delete some or all of it, please contact me. You can also withdraw your previously given consent to use and collection of your data. You have the right to corrections or deletion of your personal data if there is no legal obligation for storage due to previous interactions such as orders in the shop.